Reclaimed Swing Chair

Rustic Chairs with a reclaimed wood feel. -3 chairs (8 different poses in each) -Blanket Basket Will be at the Blueprint Event which opens Sept 18th

Bohemian Yoga Tipi

Simple Boho Yoga spot, perfect place for some beach meditation and relaxation. -10 Static Yoga poses -4 Yoga Sequence Animations Will be avalibale at the DUBAI EVENT JULY ROUND which opens on the 20th

The New Yorker

Bedroom set with a New York Flare Out at the Mainstore now! Bedroom set that comes in PG and Adult FATPACKS Each item is also sold separately. Set includes – Bed, Nightstands, Subway Sign, I Love Ny Deco Bed (PG) – 5 single Female,5 single Male, 8 Couples Bed (Adult) – 5 single Female,5 single Male,…

Eleventh Hour – Joie de Vivre

This Louisiana inspired gacha will be available at 6º Republic May 6th – May 20th, currently 25L to play at the Event but once placed in the mainstore gacha plays will go up to 50L a play. There are 9 items to be acquired with the Bed being an Ultrarare and the House of Voodoo sign…

Illuminate APRIL Round

A new release will be presented shortly at the Illuminate APRIL round which opens on April 18th. Stay tuned for more info coming in the next few days. “Illuminate is the only monthly Home and Garden exclusive shopping event in Second Life®. A huge collection of brands from skilled designers provides the opportunity to choose the…